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September 27, 2016
Best pizza place we've found in Surrey.

August 18, 2016
Excellent as always!

August 14, 2016
Took the delivery driver and extra 30 mins to figure out how to come up into the lobby of an apartment building he rang the buzzer and he was advised to come on up and the we buzzed him in we waited and waited and waited and went down and he was still waiting outside, then he did not have machine for credit/debit even tho they asked if it's credit or debit when it was ordered. He gave me the pizza and told me to wait outside and he was going to be right back with the machine. Waited 20mins then went upstairs to bring the pizza up, went back downstairs... waited another 20 still no one came back so went upstairs to enjoy our now cold Pizza. After an hour and a half the driver came back. Rang the buzzer and was appalled I wasn't still waiting downstairs.. Ordered delivery of avoiding the hassle of going out, seemed like it was much more of a hassle for the delivery. Probably will stick to the other Pizza company's around for delivery seeing as its quite the issue for this one .

August 10, 2016
Great lasagna!

July 09, 2016
Yum!! Ribs delish!

June 22, 2016
Awesome ribs! Spectacular spagetti & Lasange.. look forward to next order!

June 15, 2016
fantastic pizza!! im loving it more than Dominos right now

June 06, 2016
We moved here from Vancouver and had a favourite pizza place we adored there. After we moved to Surrey there was a serious void for a good place that allowed orders late into the night(we work odd hours). We tried place after place and it was all rather sub par. That is, until we tried here. The pizza is great. There is a good amount of toppings(my favourite part) and it's smothered in cheese(something that's a necessity for my roommate). The pasta reminds me of the old take out places I used to frequent back when I was a child and brings back fond memories. We're also both fond of the garlic bread since it actually tastes fresh and of garlic. We have had too many other places where the bread was stale and basically just tasted of nothing. On top of the food, the people are always polite and our order always arrives quickly. We have been ordering here for about a year now, and don't think we will stop any time soon.

June 04, 2016
Awesome as always

May 14, 2016
Had this pizza the previous weekend at at friends and it was the best pizza I ever tasted. Ordered the next weekend and was not good at all! One of our salads was brown and had to be thrown out. Was not happy at all this time with the quality. Was fast delivery but over all just awful! Kids love pizza and only had 1 slice each.